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Soccer Mom and Soccer Dad    v1.0    JUST RELEASED

Designed for the busy "household chauffeur", this is the most complete application specifically for keeping track of regular carpool driving duties. Manage all your driving appointments, find contact info for everyone in your van pools, phone or text their relative(s) as needed, get driving directions, and more.

  Phone Screen    v1.0    LATEST!

  Phone Screen    v1.0    GET ASKED IN FOR AN INTERVIEW

Make a great first impression on your phone screening interview! Phone Screen includes expert advice on each step in the process, from preparing for a phone screen to questions to ask and following up. Being well prepared for a phone screen will greatly increase your chances of being asked in for in-person interviews.

 Interview Plus    v1.0   BEST SELLER!

 Interview Prep    v2.0   BEST SELLER!

Be well prepared for that important interview with this in-depth study aid created by career management experts. This app will systematically walk you through the most frequently asked interview questions, with tips, strategies, things to avoid, and answers. You can record your customized answers, and then be able to quickly and comprehensively rehearse in an organized way.

  Retail Interview Plus    v1.0

  Retail Interview Prep    v2.0

Be totally prepared to successfully interview for retail customer service jobs! Retail Interview expands on the premier Interview Plus application (described above), to help you practice for the typical questions asked in retail and customer service job interviews.

 Gift Calendar    v2.0   MOST COMPLETE GIFTING APP

The ultimate, all-in-one app for the serious gift giver. Keep track of all your friends and relatives and what you've given them when, their likes and dislikes, what they've given you, special dates to remember, and more! For world-class shoppers!!

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